The truth is we are not truly aware of the importance of attending school every day. When we were informed of the dangers of Absenteeism, we took the time to ask ourselves “what can we do as an organization to help our schools promote attendance”.

Thus, the inception of “I’M Here – All Year” came to fruition. As our founder and President Jose Gonzalez started to draw up this plan we knew that if we could diligently make a movement that would help parents and students see the advantages of coming to school daily, this would be a win-win situation for all schools that would participate with this initiative.

We were fortunate to have the great support and leadership of our local principal Mrs. Andrea Steenken and her amazing staff at Sawgrass Bay Elementary joined by our terrific board of directors of Horizons CDC, this initiative has become and will continue to be a success and staple to our students.

The goal this year is to continue to promote the message of Absenteeism and help spread this important issue to all and every school and parents that would love to help us curb this challenge schools have throughout the year.